• The Passion of our Lord Jesus Christ
  • A ship with unfurled sails
  • Not No Faceless Angel
  • Vox Clara
  • Sacred Choral Works
  • Beyond The Stars
  • Palimpsest

    includes Sancte Deus

  • Airplane Cantata
  • In Sorrow’s Footsteps

    includes Stabat mater

  • A Prayer of King Henry VI
  • To the field of stars

    includes To the field of stars

  • New Suns

    includes Zero Point Reflection

  • All shall be Amen

    includes a Prayer of St Bernard of Clairvaux
    Adoro te devote
    O salutaris hostia
    All shall be Amen

  • love & light

    includes Ubi flumen praesulis

  • Heaven full of stars

    includes Creator of the stars of night

  • All the World Tonight Rejoices

    includes Nowell Sing We

  • Kalpotājs. Blumbergs. Kamēr…

    includes Blumbergs in Venice

  • In the Stillness

    includes Hush! My dear

  • St Louis Premieres

    includes Felices ter et amplius

  • Desires

    includes I am the Rose of Sharon

  • Advent Live Volume 2

    includes Vox clara ecce intonat

  • Magnificat

    includes Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis (Truro Service)

  • Laudate Dominum

    includes Tantum ergo

  • Ignite

    includes Fantasia with Anniversary Chorale

  • Music for the Queen of Heaven

    includes Salve Regina

  • O lux beata Trinitas

    includes Hymn to the Trinity (Honor, Virtus, et Potestas)

  • Cloths of Heaven

    includes Our flags are wafting in hope and grief

  • first drop

    includes  The Armed Man

  • silent night

    includes Christmas Eve

  • A New Heaven

    includes Ecce venio cito

  • Before the Ending of the Day

    includes Ave Maria

  • Why the caged bird sings

    includes To morning Not no faceless angel

  • Advent at Old St Paul’s

    includes Tomorrow go ye forth

  • O Holy Night

    includes Tomorrow go ye forth

  • An Enduring Voice

    includes Ave Maria

  • Song of the Nativity

    includes The Christ-child

  • Grace Immaculate

    includes Song (I gaze upon you)

  • The Marian Collection

    includes I say that we are wound with mercy

  • To the field of stars

    includes To the field of stars
    Creator of the stars of night

  • Songs and Lullabies

    includes Untitled (for Robert Irvine)

  • Spectrum 5

    includes Imaginary Birds

  • nowell sing we

    includes Nowell sing we

  • A Crown of Rejoicing

    includes Preces and Responses

  • The Evening Hour

    includes Creator of the stars of night

  • Amber Songs

    includes Neviens putnis tā nepūta

  • silence & music

    includes The Lord’s Prayer

  • Rise up my love

    includes Song (I gaze upon you)

  • über nacht

    includes To Morning

  • Both God’s and Mary’s Son

    includes Tota pulchra es
    I say that we are wound with mercy

  • O sanctissima

    includes The Christ-child

  • Spectrum & Spectrum 2

    includes October Monody
    Memorial Blues (for Phyllis Hyman)

  • Christmas Daybreak

    includes To Morning
    I look from afar
    Tomorrow go ye forth
    Ane Sang on the Birth of Christ

  • Requiem

    includes Requiem
    In all his works
    I am the voice of the wind

  • Even Such is Time

    includes I look from afar
    Tomorrow go ye forth
    O sacrum convivium

  • Hymns to Saint Cecilia

    includes La musique

  • Songs of the Baltic Sea

    includes Cantus Maris Baltici

  • Magenta Cuts

    includes Edwards

  • Standing Jump

    includes Star-Song

  • The Coral Sea

    includes The Coral Sea

  • This Christmas Night

    includes Hush! My dear

  • Nowell sing we

    includes Nowell sing we

  • Sanctum est verum lumen

    includes Sanctum est verum lumen

  • All the ends of the earth

    includes Thomas, Jewel of Canterbury

  • Awake the Dawn

    includes To Morning
    Cecilia Virgo
    O sacrum convivium
    Hymn to the Trinity (Honor, Virtus et Potestas)

  • Pader an Arleth

    includes Salve Regina
    Missa Triueriensis

  • In the Beginning

    includes In the beginning was the Word

  • Time and its Passing

    includes To morning

  • All the stars looked down

    includes The Christ-child

  • Times go by Turns

    includes Ite missa est

  • Litany

    includes The Coral Sea

  • A Winter’s Light

    includes The Christ-child

  • Tidings of Great Joy

    includes Carillon: In dulci jubilo

  • Advent at Merton

    includes O clavis David

  • Contemporary British Organ Music Volume I

    includes St Asaph Toccata
    Southwark Symphonies
    Comeragh Litanies
    Carillon for Louise and Nick
    Aquarius with Quartz and Copper

  • Flux

    includes LM-7:Aquarius

  • Song of Songs

    includes I am the Rose of Sharon

  • Nine Lessons and Carols

    includes The Christ-child

  • The Thread of My Song

    includes Angeli, archangeli

  • Into this world this day did come

    includes Nowell sing we
    Salus aeterna

  • Carmina Celtica

    includes Ubi flumen praesulis

  • Andrew Sparling

    includes The White Bird

  • Welcome Yule

    includes The Christ-child

  • Passion

    includes O sacrum convivium

  • Choral Evensong from Tewkesbury Abbey

    includes Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis (Tewkesbury Service)

  • Don’t talk – just listen!

    includes Te deum
    The Armed Man

  • Minimal Piano Collection Volume X-XX

    includes Rhapsody in Red

  • Anthems for the 21st Century

    includes Now I have known, O Lord

  • MacMillan and his British Contemporaries

    includes Salve Regina

  • New French Song

    includes A la mémoire de Claude Debussy

  • The Country of the Stars

    includes Lux mortuorum

  • Songbook

    includes The Land of Spices

  • Peripheral Visions

    includes Liadan Laments

  • Christmas from Truro

    includes Nowell sing we

  • Spectrum 4

    includes September Chorale

  • The Three Kings

    includes The Magi
    Thou whose birth

  • O sacrum convivium

    includes O sacrum convivium

  • Bach transcribed for piano

    includes Carillon: In Dulci Jubilo

  • Homemade

    includes Rhythm and Blues

  • Simple Pictures

    includes A Prayer of King Henry VI

  • Christmas from Bath

    includes The Christ-child

  • Bright Shadows

    includes O Sacrum convivium

  • Images and Impressions

    includes Anniversary Duet
    Rameau Remembered
    Carillon: In dulci jubilo

    Forty Bells for Laurence Crane

  • Pater Noster

    includes The Lord’s Prayer

  • The Christ-child

    includes The Christ-child

  • Truro 125

    includes Cantate Domino

  • A Year in Exeter Cathedral

    includes Tomorrow go ye forth

  • On Christmas Night

    includes Nowell sing we

  • Anthems for Men’s Voices

    includes O nata lux

  • A Vision of Light

    includes Three Prayers, with a Vision of Light

  • Perspectives

    includes Angelorum

  • Song And Dance

    includes Rhythm and Blues

  • The uncommon harp

    includes Small Encomium for Matthew Greenall

  • Songs from the Exotic

    includes French Song

  • The Fourth River

    includes At the last day

  • Dreamland

    includes To Morning